Which double glazed windows to choose?

EcoTech Aluminium Windows

EcoTech aluminium double glazed windows are ranked number 1 in Australia for energy efficiency in aluminium. Even beating some competitors thermally broken products. The window has the lowest U value and is able to withstand 300kph wind.

EcoTech windows are protected by a high quality Akzo Nobel powdercoated finish and require little maintenance other than an occasional wash.

EcoTech has the great looks, durability and energy efficiency benefits in a window that will last for many years.

EcoTherm Thermally Broken Windows

Thermally broken windows are designed by separating the inside and outside components of every member of the window. They're rigidly joined together with an insulator material made of plastic (polyamide). With the inside and outside of the window not connected, the polyamide prevents heat transfer between the inside and outside of the home which occurs in traditional aluminium window design. And because thermally broken windows are constructed with separate internal and external aluminium skins, EcoClassic offers the choice of different powdercoated colours inside and outside.

For maximum energy efficiency, nothing comes close to EcoClassic EcoTherm windows.


Fixed windows are more energy efficient than opening windows because they have fewer aluminium components, in addition they provide greater opportunity for views which are not cluttered with transoms and mullions. A fixed window is used where the window is not accessible so is not required to open, as in a highlight, or where there is alternative ventilation.

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Casement windows too dear? Not so with EcoClassic. Hinged at the side (side hung) like a door, with mitred corners. EcoClassic’s EcoTech casement window is crafted in the classic sculpted style. So if you want a full height glass panel, without a transom (horizontal divider) this is the window for you. Double glazed as a standard, with the glass bonded to the frame to triple its strength, it outperforms competitor windows which need a transom to support even a single glazed sash.

The EcoTech casement even accepts standard flyscreens which mount internally and remain in place when you need to operate the window winder. Again, like all of our windows, it comes standard with an inline reveal in primed or raw hardwood, and it accepts Colorbond etc directly into a pocket surrounding the frame for a smart weatherproof finish.

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Practical and affordable, with a choice of narrow or bold mitred sash. The EcoClassic EcoTech awning window is the most popular window in our range. Being top hung, the awning window can be left open in the rain without letting the water in. It is fitted with a strong full box transom which is deep enough to hold the lockable chainwinder, and combined with the silicon glazing which bonds the glass to the frame. This takes the awning window to a performance level of N4 delivering a window to withstand 300kph wind and rain.

The awning window is also designed in a privacy range to conform with overlooking requirements. The top opening sash is double glazed in clear glass to act as a skylight, and the bottom section is double glazed in obscure glass for your privacy. Notice that the widths of our opening sashes being 2400mm wide, are far wider than any competitor sashes, so you get maximum light with maximum view - and that is because our windows are better designed.

The awning also accepts standard flyscreens which don’t get in the way of operating the sash. Like all of our windows, it comes standard with an inline reveal in primed or raw hardwood, and it accepts Colorbond etc directly into a pocket surrounding the frame for a smart weatherproof finish.

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By turning your indoor kitchen into an outdoor servery, the EcoClassic double glazed bifold window provides a direct connection to alfresco areas both enhancing ventilation, and making for easy communication between you the host/hostess and your guests. When your bifold window is not open it looks great and keeps working by keeping out the cold weather.

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The EcoClassic aluminium entry is fully coordinated to your windows, and being maintenance free it will keep out wind and rain for years and years. The self draining sill is anodised to withstand wear and tear but it also clips in for easy replacement should it get damaged. The door opening is complete with perimeter seals and the side light option is fully double glazed. But best of all you can choose a fully double glazed entry door option.

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This sliding door with multiple tracks is a favourite in a contemporary home, because at a minimum cost it combines the wide open air experience of the bifold door with the opportunity to have a sliding security or insect screen fitted to the inbuilt track, to give you an economical and practical solution to alfresco living. The EcoTech stacker door comes in heights up to 2.4 metres and widths up to 6 metres (6 panels)

The EcoTech sliding door is the no nonsense solution to huge light and great ventilation. The EcoTech sliding door is fully double glazed and comes in heights up to 2.4 metres and widths up to 4.8 metres (4 panels)

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A French door adds class to any home, open or closed it looks great, the wider panel components give the French door a presence that a sliding door can never achieve.

The EcoClassic French door is very special, the silicone glazing bonds the glass to the frame, sealing it for life, and the three point locking system, which is fitted as standard, secures the panel in the closed position, firmly compressing the seals and adding to your security.

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Nothing adds a statement in style like a bifold door. The EcoTech bifold door is very special from its standard 3 point secure locking system and double glazing through to the optional French door style opening. The silicon glazing bonds the glass to the frame so that your door will never drop but continue to give year after year of service, bringing the outside into your home, while keeping your family safe and warm. And our top standard height limit of 2.7 metres reflects the standard of design and engineering that goes into all of our products.

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Choose from these great colours for windows or doors.


All windows are double glazed with each glass pane measuring 4mm thick with a 12mm air gap in between. EcoClassic's obscure glass is called "pearl". It has no pattern at all, just a frosted effect which is always inside the double glazing, making cleaning easy.


EcoClassic flyscreens are custom made to fit your windows and colour matched.  You have a choice of mesh systems being fibreglass, aluminium and stainless. Fibreglass mesh, the industry standard is unobtrusive and left alone will last for years, aluminium is a stronger mesh for times when small pets are likely to come into contact with the screen, stainless mesh is exceptionally strong, doesn’t easily crease, resists weather and corrosion.

In most cases it is your choice, but Bush fire rated areas require metal mesh screens, which are constructed to resist burning embers.


Timber reveals are used to attach a window into the fabric of your home. The reveal forms a bridge between your interior wall and the window so that your window finishes in the right spot both outside your home, and connects at the right place inside your home to finish your window perfectly. Different construction methods require reveals to be different depths, and we calculate this for you so you can rely on a great finish.

EcoClassic offers two types of reveal, a kiln dried hardwood in Tasmanian oak which looks great stained or varnished, and a pre-primed hardwood to take the tedium out of painting and give a great smooth finish for your final coat.


There is no better way to protect your investment than to have your EcoClassic windows installed by EcoClassic expert window technicians. EcoClassic windows require no more care than any other quality product, but to operate and perform at their best, EcoClassic windows must be installed with care and that is why we offer a full installation service. So don’t hand over your investment and hope that it will be looked after when you can be sure that EcoClassic take great pride in our workmanship as well as our products.

So whether that is a new home or a renovation, call on EcoClassic expertise to add the finishing touch by installing your window investment.


Get rid of those rotten and draughty windows and add value to your home by having your windows replaced by EcoClassic. Simply measure the height and width of the window/door you require to be replaced. Click on the button to the left, fill in the height and the width along with the style and configuration and we will give you an approximate price.